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Welcome to Frangioso's Fonts!
Founded on July 26, 2009.
These are fonts that I created over the years since 2003!
I specialize in fonts based on electronic or LED displays and such. Note: These font are made just for fun! After all, it's all in fun and I always have a lot of fun making these fonts. It's such a fun-filled hobby.
Mac users, please note that these fonts are Windows TrueType fonts. I don't know what Mac users do, but I'm sure you Mac users might figure out how to convert Windows TrueType fonts to Mac format with a font format converter of some sort.
To download these fonts, just right-click each image sample, and select "Save Target/Link As" and save the .ttf font file to your disk or convenient location, such as the desktop. After they're downloaded, install them to your computer's Fonts folder, mainly located at
Please check your computer's Hard Drive letter by clicking the My Computer incon on your desktop and looking at the list of drives to see which letter is your hard drive. But most computers use drive C for the hard drive, but I still recommend that new visitors verify that before downloading.
Newest fonts are added to the bottom of the page, unless otherwise announced elsewhere.
When any fonts have been corrected, new copies will be replacing the previous copy. Please remove old copies from your fonts folder and replace them with the newest copies. Thank you.

Enjoy! And be sure to come back frequently for new updates!

Updated "MBTA Bus 2016" series.

Updated! Updated!
Inspired by the giant clock in the Madonna music video called 4 Minutes.
Come back again soon!

Coming soon!
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